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En Misión

Durante el mes de Noviembre, IMC pone como meta recaudar $5,000 para las iglesias en República Dominicana, Nicaragua, Perú y Argentina.

Join the mission!

The word establishes that the work of the Lord is carried out with the participation of all his children in a joyful and generous way.


The members of Iglesia Misión Cristiana as well as anyone who wishes to contribute financially can do so in the following ways

1. In person


2. Via Postal / Online Banking to the address:


Iglesia Misión Cristiana

257 Central Ave.

Orange, NJ 07050


3. Via PayPal


By clicking here





Iglesia Misión Cristiana,  257 Central Ave, Orange, NJ 07050  |  info@imcchurch.org  |  Tel: 862.252.9674

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